In Case Of Emergency

September is National Preparedness Month. A disaster can catch anyone off guard, so Erin Streeter, Acting Director of the Ready Campaign, has some tips for handling any emergency.

First, make an emergency supply kit that contains enough non-perishable food and water for everyone in your family for a few days. Don't forget your pets! If you have young children, include some activities for them as well, like coloring books or board games. Streeter also suggests including, "a can-opener, a battery powered radio, extra batteries, a flashlight and a first aid kit."

In addition to having an emergency supply kit, it's important to have an emergency plan in place. "Sit down and discuss, 'How are we, as a family, going to deal with an emergency?'" says Streeter. She adds that by visiting, families can find a sample family emergency plan to help get things started.

It's also important to have copies of key documents in case of an emergency. "You certainly want to make sure that you have copies of your home insurance, your car insurance - most people don't think about that," says Streeter. Be sure to keep bank account numbers and copies of other financial information on hand as well.

To link to the National Preparedness Month website, click here.
By Erin Petrun