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Improve Your Teamwork with Anonymous Feedback

How good are you at your job? Odds are that you get direct feedback once or twice a year from your manager, and even then, it's corporate-mandated feedback -- which might not be as useful as the sort of honest asides you can sometimes get from your peers. In order to grow in your role, you need a way to attract honest and actionable feedback. And while you're at it, it would be great to give that sort of feedback to people who need it as well.

Done and done. Betterme lets you easily give and get anonymous feedback. After you sign up (the site is free and all it needs is your e-mail address), you can send e-mail to one or more people asking for specific feedback. You can make it specific -- such as how you did on a recent project -- or keep it general. Responses are 100% anonymous, so no one has to worry about awkward confrontations.

Betterme is a great tool for understanding your own strengths and weaknesses, which you can use to grow yourself. But it's also a way to give feeback -- solicited or even unsolicited -- to officemates who need to hear a strong message.

Some forward-thinking companies actually offer anonymous feedback tools to their employees. For everyone else, there's Betterme. [via MakeUseOf]