Improve Your Chances on Job Boards in Two Minutes Flat

Last Updated Jan 25, 2010 7:43 AM EST

Tips to help your resume stand out on job boardsJob boards like Monster and CareerBuilder can be a depressing part of any job search -- you often spend a whole lot of time on them and get little response in return. Still, with job seekers desperate to seize every opportunity, it's unlikely they'll forgo posting their resumes online all together.

Recently jobs site CAREEREALISM addressed the problem with several tips on how to increase your profile on job boards. Many are well-worn tips like avoiding resume typos (side note: the percentage of people who don't know this is about the same as those who are shocked to hear that cigarettes are bad for your health. Give it a rest, bloggers) but two of the site's points are easily overlooked actions that can improve your chances in just a few minutes:

  • Your Resume Title -- First impressions are important and the title of your resume will determine whether your resume gets a first look. Include action words in the title that best describe your experience and are different from the norm. An example would be "Certified AMX Audio Visual Professional."
  • Update Your Profile Weekly -- Job boards list resumes by most recently updated and allow recruiters to use search by resumes updated daily, weekly, and monthly. Keep your resume at the top of the pack by updating it weekly.
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