Imagined conversations with one very wet dog

(CBS News) Pet owners seem to love to guess what their animals are thinking. "What's that, boy? Timmy fell down the well?" But, while most of us are amateurs, the fellas at Talking Animals (aka klaatu42) are the real deal. They tap into the animal psyche in a way Cesar Millan can only dream of. And their newest video is no exception. While the video's description may be a bit short on words (it just says "A very... wet... dog. Starring Oakley.") the dog himself is most definitely not.

Watch it. Then, watch it again. Then, (unless you have to watch it again) consider this... over two million hits - and counting - in just five days. But, why? Why is something like this so hilarious, and thus so popular? What part of being at the top of the food chain makes us humans feel entitled to use our animals in such a way. Does it work this way on down the line? If dogs had their own DoggyTube, would they make videos narrating caterpillars? On second thought... just let it go.

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