Illusion with reconfigured tiles will astound you

(CBS News) Okay, this is one of those videos where I have a theory on what's actually occurring, but am not certain. So what I'm going to do is ask is that while you watch the video above (which should totally astound you!), think over what is happening and how it's happening. M'kay?

It's straight-up, Harry Potter-style sorcery, right? Right? The mind-blowing video of blocks being reconfigured (with an extra block each time) is entitled "Azulejos" and was posted by magician Norberto Jansenson. The tongue-in-cheek "guess" (joke) aside, my real theory is that it's an optical illusion and the configuration is actually getting a tiny bit smaller each time, but being moved in a way that the perspective stays the same in terms of the camera. 

But what do you think? Definitely feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts (especially if you know the answer to what is happening here!). And to check out more amazing videos from Norberto Jansenson, be sure to visit his website by clicking here.

UPDATE: I've been sent this video below that explains in part how the illusion is done. Many thanks go out to that masked stranger (or possibly colleague of mine)!