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Ignore Rush Limbaugh, Republican Leader Of Nothing, On Colin Powell

By Bonnie Erbe, Thomas Jefferson Street blog

I was thinking about posting on the Powell-Limbaugh dustup but decided, at first, not to give Limbaugh any more "ink" than he already undeservedly receives. Then I espied my colleague Mary Kate Cary's remarks, and I just want to say, hear, hear!

Let's remember Limbaugh is a P.R. guy extraordinaire and his job is to appeal to the vintage wing of the GOP, not its future. My only thought is, too bad General Powell responded to a question about Limbaugh at all. He should have said, "Who the heck is that? Has he been elected to anything by anyone? If not, he's the leader of nothing but self-enrichment."

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By Bonnie Erbe