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Iceberg, Port Side

(CBS/Chloe Arensberg)
STRAIT OF BELLE ISLE -- First "small" iceberg spotted off the port side of the ship. My dad referred to it as a "growler," likely one that broke off further north and may have run aground near shore. It'll slowly just melt away. Hard to know just how big it is, especially beneath the surface.

"If you're curious about how an icebreaker tracks and avoids a deadly impact, be sure to check out the

I did with the ship's Coast Guard ice observer."

We're in the Strait of Belle Isle after some mechanical delays onboard the ship that held us up for a few hours. Nestled in between Newfoundland and Labrador. Very cool to see ice and imagine what's coming. We've just completed a video blog of a ship tour that should be up soon, and tomorrow I'll write some more about each science discipline that's onboard. Stay tuned!

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