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"I Am Cait" premiere moves the celebrity masses

"I Am Cait" premiered on E! Sunday night, with an emotionally-gripping first episode that featured Caitlin introducing herself to her family, including her mother, two sisters, and daughter Kylie.

It was an episode packed with real-life drama, both for her as well as the transgender community as a whole. Caitlyn visited the family of a trans-teen who had committed suicide, and admitted that she had contemplated suicide during some darker moments of her life.

But it also had its lighter moments when Kylie places blue extensions in her father's hair, and Caitlin's sister marvels at Kanye West's sneakers.

But whether viewers reacted to how beautiful Caitlyn looked as she embraces her feminine side and shows off her new designer dresses to Kim, or shed a tear as she helped release balloons in memory of trans-teen Kyler Prescott who took his own life rather than face the unfairness of this one, emotions were stirred.

Here are some reactions to Caitlyn's television debut by the celebrity community that has so openly embraced her on the journey thus far.

And these are just the bold-faced names. Did you watch "I Am Cait"? What were your reactions? Sound off in the comments below.

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