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Hugo Chavez Sings Song About Hillary Clinton

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, known for his melodramatic flourishes, improvised a song this week about his contentious relationship with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In the middle of a speech on Wednesday, Chavez began singing a little tune with lyrics that translate to, "I'm not loved by Hillary Clinton... and I don't love her either," the BBC reports.

Clinton has been touring Latin America over the past week, and she criticized Chavez's government policies during a television interview in Ecuador, according to the Associated Press. She said the U.S. is open to improving its relationship with Chavez but that "it doesn't appear that he wants to."

The Venezuela Foreign Ministry reportedly called Clinton's remarks "foolish and inopportune."

In his Wednesday night speech, the AP reports, Chavez said, "Look, Mrs. Clinton, We're really sorry here about what is happening to the people of the United States...They're the ones who are suffering with some of the measures that Obama is taking."

Chavez is notorious for giving hours-long speeches and making over-the-top statements about the United States, such as when he called President George W. Bush the devil as he was addressing the United Nations.

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