Huckabee Takes A Shot At Obama

From CBS News' Joy Lin:

PLANO, TEXAS -- Straight off the plane from Arkansas, Mike Huckabee went on a media blitz stressing his conservative credentials and also took a shot at Democrat Barack Obama.

When given the opportunity to distinguish himself from his opponents in the Democratic field, Huckabee offered some harsh words for Obama. Huckabee said Obama would "drop the guns and run away from Iraq," while he wouldn't. Huckabee said Obama would raise taxes and he wouldn't.

Asked about Michelle Obama's comment that this was the first time she was proud of America, Huckabee said he hoped it was just "a slip of the tongue" that would need further clarification. Huckabee said there were many reasons to be proud of the country.

"I just want to believe that's one of things that is said with fatigue," he said.

Meantime, a rather embarrassed reporter asked Huckabee to compare the voting process to American Idol.

Huckabee said, with a smile, that he frankly thought the presidential process might be better if it were "run like American Idol" because, at least that way, all the candidates would get equal time on stage.

"It couldn't be worse than the system we have now," Huckabee said, explaining that were it not for the support from people across America who kept voting for him, the establishment would have had him off the stage by now. He also criticized the frontloaded calendar for giving early states more influence than Texas, the second largest state in the country.