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Huckabee: I Believe In Miracles – And I'm Not Dropping Out

Despite calls to exit the GOP race to pave the way for John McCain to become the Republican Party's nominee for president, Mike Huckabee told conservative activists today that he would continue with his presidential bid.

Huckabee rejected claims that he has little chance of becoming the GOP's candidate because of McCain's significant lead in delegates. McCain leads Huckabee in delegates 709 to 163, by CBS News' count, with 1,191 needed for the nomination.

"I didn't major in math," Huckabee said the Conservative Political Action Conference meeting, according to the Associated Press. ``I majored in miracles, and I still believe in them.''

``There are only a few states that have voted - 27 have not,'' added Huckabee, who CBS News projects will win today's Republican caucuses in Kansas. ``People in those 27 states deserve more than a coronation, they deserve an election.''

The former Arkansas governor later vowed not to drop out until McCain has the necessary 1,191 delegates – and maybe not even then.

``I won't drop out until at least that happens, then we'll see,'' he said.

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