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How to Use Comodo Time Machine for Better System-Recovery

About a year ago I told you about Comodo Time Machine, a free utility that restores your system to a previous state -- not unlike Windows' own System Restore tool.

Maybe you missed that post, or merely decided that learning a new piece of software wasn't worth the hassle. Either way, I highly recommend checking out Lifehacker's Upgrade Your System Restore with Comodo Time Machine.

Author Vikram Kinkar starts out by explaining why you should use CTM in place of System Restore:

Unlike Windows System Restore (WSR), CTM creates a complete record of your entire system including the Windows registry, critical OS files, installed programs and user created documents with seconds. Oh, and best of all, it's absolutely free (as in beer).

CTM can help you recover from botched software installs and computer crashes with a click of a button. It also has a unique feature that lets you access it during system boot up.

Better still, he goes on to provide step-by-step instructions on using the utility, with screenshots every step of the way -- and even an uninstall guide in case you decide CTM isn't for you.

I don't think that'll happen. Comodo Time Machine can save your bacon like few other programs, and you can't beat the price. Give it a try on your system, then roll it out to your employees. The IT headaches you save could be your own.