How to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Risks

Last Updated Nov 24, 2009 11:13 AM EST

Should you be concerned about the radiation produced by your cell phone? It's a question that resurfaces in the mainstream media at least once every year, and with good reason: No one wants phone-fried brain.

Of course, the jury's still out on whether phones pose any kind of danger. Some studies say yes, others say no. But if there's even a possibility of danger, aren't we better safe than sorry?

I think so. Fortunately, there are three easy and effective ways to virtually eliminate the risks posed by cell-phone radiation:

  1. Use a corded headset.
  2. Use a Bluetooth headset.
  3. Use your phone's speakerphone.
My preference: #1. Corded headsets are dirt-cheap (meaning you can buy one for your car, another for your office, a third for your coat pocket, and so on) but produce the best overall sound quality.

Bluetooth headsets are okay, but they're expensive, dorky-looking, and one more thing to keep charged. As for speakerphones, in my experience they sound pretty crummy, especially if there's a lot of ambient noise (like in the car).

PC Magazine has more on the subject of avoiding cell-phone radiation, including summaries of the latest studies and a round-up of five phones that are "great for hands-free use."

What do you think? Is phone radiation a concern? If so, are you doing anything about it? Let us know your thoughts. Photo by procsilas.

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