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How to get the best pet insurance in 2024

By applying for pet insurance while your pet is still young you'll improve your chances of securing cost-effective and valuable coverage. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Looking back at 2023, chances are good that you may have been able to save more money or spend more wisely than you did. You also may have been able to better protect your finances. But with a new year comes new financial promises and a chance to boost your financial security.

With so many insurance products on the market, however, it can become complicated to determine which is valuable and which just may appear to be. For pet owners, in particular, an insurance policy for their cat or dog can pay dividends both now and into the future. For it to be valuable, however, owners should familiarize themselves with ways to secure the very best pet insurance in 2024. 

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How to get the best pet insurance in 2024

Here are three smart and effective ways to get the best pet insurance in 2024.

Shop around

The pet insurance market is competitive and multiple companies would be happy to have your business. So don't sign up with the first provider you get a quote from. Instead, shop around and compare policies, rates and any additional benefits you may be able to secure. 

By doing so you'll improve your chances of getting comprehensive and reasonably priced insurance. Just be sure to complete an accurate comparison by getting quotes for a pet of the same breed, size and age so that you can determine which company is best for you and your furry friend. 

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Speak to your veterinarian

Your veterinarian is well-versed with your pet and their medical history. It makes sense, then, to use that expertise and familiarity when building a pet insurance policy for your pet. By speaking to your veterinarian at your next visit you'll better be able to tailor your policy to what your dog or cat needs to know — or will likely need in the future. And, by customizing your policy with your veterinarian's input, you'll reduce your chances of paying for coverage you don't need or won't use. 

Apply early

Pet insurance will only become more expensive and less comprehensive if you wait to apply later in your pet's life. So don't make that mistake. Instead, apply now while your pet is as young as they ever will be and you'll boost your odds of getting better coverage.

As your pet ages, they'll be considered riskier to insure, and that risk will be passed on to you in the form of higher monthly premiums. By acting swiftly, you'll also be more likely to secure robust coverage. 

If you wait, and your pet develops pre-existing medical conditions, coverage will be denied for those ailments, thus being less beneficial for your pet's needs — and your wallet. But by acting before that occurs, you'll be able to secure comprehensive (and affordable) insurance.

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The bottom line

A new calendar year provides a new start for many, including pet owners, and 2024 could be the year to boost your financial security and your pet's well-being with a pet insurance plan. To get the best coverage, however, owners should first shop around to compare prices and policies. They should also consult their veterinarian to better tailor a prospective policy to the pet in question — and they shouldn't wait until their pet gets sick to apply. By applying for a policy right away, they'll greatly boost their chances of securing cost-effective and comprehensive pet insurance coverage, both for 2024 and the years to come. 

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