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How to Get More Great Ideas in the Shower

If you're like me, you probably get your best ideas while shampooing your hair. There's something about the steam of a shower, the relaxation, and letting your mind wander that invites brilliant ideas to bubble up. But is there any way to bump that bubbling process up a bit? Can you consciously power up your shower?
I asked career coach Jenn Lee, who does corporate team building and productivity workshops, for some tips.
1. Think about what you want to think about. "Prior to entering the shower, take a few moments and pick one item you want to focus your creative thoughts towards," says Lee. "Most of us have a 'must do today' list as well as things you would like to accomplish over the next week or so. Because I blog and speak on a variety of topics I keep a list of generic ideas I want to flush out. Right before I enter my shower I choose one topic to focus my thoughts on and voila, my next speaking topic is formed!"
2. Go ahead and ruminate. If there's something that's been occupying a lot of space in your brain, go ahead and plunge deep into the topic in the shower. Why is this concept or person or event so interesting to you? Maybe there's some insight to be gleaned there.
3. Talk to yourself. Lee warns that you may want to advise your spouse of this next tip. "Once you have your eureka moment, share it out loud in conversational format - with a figment of your imagination," she says. "Just as many of us have won fictitious arguments in our car, by ourselves, talking your new idea out with yourself will help it stick - at least long enough for you to dry off and write it down."
4. Do a little home renovation project. If tip #3 doesn't work for you, try installing a no-fog shaving mirror in your shower. "Using a dry erase marker, you can quickly jot your ideas down while wet and then transfer to something a little more respectable (like paper) once you have dried off," says Lee.

How do you capture your best shower ideas before they go down the drain?


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