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How to deactivate a cat

(CBS) - Important news for cat owners! Many first-time cat purchasers are confused by the directions found in the box. Cats usually come in pieces, and quite a bit of assembly is required. It's overwhelming for new owners, and many may overlook some critical kitty components. That's where this helpful internet video comes in, showcasing an important switch you might not have known your cat had.

The deactivation switch, an essential button on any feline.

Finally, an easy way to put your pet in sleep mode. Obviously useful in a veterinarian's office, cat owners are sure to find many uses for the deactivation switch around the house as well. That is, until the voice-activation update we've all been waiting for comes out.

Disclaimer: The person in this video is a professional veterinarian. Do not attempt this at home unless you know what you're doing.