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How to become a YouTube star (with "most epic montage ever montaged")

(CBS News) Do you aspire to share in an insane feast of flavors with Epic Meal Time? (One of which will undoubtedly be bacon.) Perhaps get dating advice from Jenna Marbles? Start a garage band with Mystery Guitar Man? Maybe you just want to go head-to-head in "Call of Duty" with Freddie W? Alright, alright, you get the picture. So go ahead and watch the video above to learn all the tips and tricks you'll need in order to one day become a YouTube star and have the Internet hanging on your every word. (Just like your blogger here, right? Uh, hello...?)

The tongue-in-cheek lesson on becoming an online sensation stars Jesse Heiman along with literally just about everyone who is anyone in terms of entertainment and more on the Internet (with the obvious oversight of yours truly) and was posted by Starcount who write about the semi-parody piece (because there are actual "nuggets of wisdom" within it):

In Part 2 of this epic saga, our hero embarks on the most legendary training regimen the internet has ever seen, schooled by 15 of the world's leading YouTube stars. His mission: go from YouTube scrub to YouTube sensei.

Yes, you did read that right, and I am including the first part below for your increased viewing pleasure. And the Social Star Awards will be hosted by the always-amazing Jessica Alba (and feature a bevy of equally awesome stars) and takes place on May 23rd. To learn more about it or see other works from Starcount, be sure to check out their YouTube page by clicking here.

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