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How Low Can They Go?

Some opportunists are offering to sell grieving World Trade Center families something New York City will give them for free: Ash and soil from the disaster.

Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said those peddlers were fraudulent, and he promised that each victim's family would receive a wooden urn with dirt from the ruins.

"We've asked that an urn be prepared in which soil from the World Trade Center will be put, so that every family can be given something from the World Trade Center," Giuliani said. "No one is going to sell anything from the World Trade Center — we're going to give it to you."

"They're going to chop up an iron bar and say it's part of the site," a law enforcement official told the New York Post. "It's kind of silly. The families have already been told they'll be supplied with urns."

Giuliani said Tuesday that several profiteers have been arrested. "I think that has probably had a deterrent impact on it," he said.

It's not the first alleged scam from the attacks. A grand jury is probing the Mafia's alleged theft of 250 tons of scrap metal from the site, and there are "organized armies" of street peddlers at the site selling snapshots of the Twin Towers in flames.

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