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How Does Your Business Score on Passion?

Passion can make that essential difference in giving your product or service an edge over the competition. If you and your team are genuinely passionate about what your business does and what it sells, that passion will rub off on your customers, too.

I was waiting outside my favorite London coffee shop (there's always a line) recently, when I saw the actor Jack Black emerge from the hotel across the street to join the back of the line. I thought, what is the secret ingredient that makes Monmouth Coffee House such a magnet? How can you make your customers so passionate about what you do that they'll happily wait patiently to get served?

Here are five things that make Monmouth Coffee House an exceptional business:

  1. Their product tastes awesome. Once you've tasted their coffee, you won't mind waiting (and Starbucks coffee will never taste the same again). Does your company's product 'taste' awesome?
  2. It's a good value. They could have easily built a business charging £2 for an espresso, but at £1.30 it's a good value and a sensible price that ensures people will come back for more. How's your price point?
  3. Service is excellent. When the line gets really long, they'll send someone out to take orders; when you get to the front, your coffee is ready and waiting. How are you helping customers when there's a wait for orders to be fulfilled?
  4. It's stripped down. No gimmicks, no loyalty card scheme, no food. Just awesome coffee. Are you focused on your core business?
  5. The staff is knowledgeable. Ask for a recommendation on beans and they'll evangelize, help you out, and let you sample a cup before you buy. Have you empowered your employees to share their knowledge with customers?
These lessons may not get you Hollywood actors at your door, but if your business is passionate, then that passion will rub off on your staff and your customers.

Monmouth Coffee Company image by Flickr user sashafatcat, CC 2.0