How Do You Manage Your To-Do List? (Poll)

Last Updated Jun 18, 2010 9:52 AM EDT

So I was asking Dave about Outlook 2010 and whether its task manager had improved any. (Currently, it's an overwrought, overcomplicated, unusable POS.) He said he didn't know because he never uses it. I said, "How do you track your tasks, then?" And he said, "I use a big yellow legal pad."

Dave. The technology writer. Who has owned every gadget from AIBO to Zune. Who uses his iPad at the dinner table. Who will be first in line to have his consciousness downloaded to a computer. Manages his to-do list on a pad.

Oooookay. Do you also open windows by hurling rocks at them?

Actually, the reason I asked is that I'm so dissatisfied with Outlook as a task manager, I'm desperate to find an alternative. (Previously mentioned Producteev is looking promising, but for the moment it has no desktop component.)

So let me throw this out to you, readers: How do you manage your to-dos? Do you use one of the many popular Web services like Remember The Milk? Are you, like me, stuck in Outlook? Or perhaps you're like Dave (shudder), relying solely on cryptic scratches on flattened wood-pulp. (Actually, it wasn't long ago that I myself recommend a three-item, paper-based to-do list. Still do.)

Vote in our poll, then hit the comments to talk up your favorite to-do-list solution.

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