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House Won't Comply With Subpoena In Jerry Lewis Probe

The House has refused to comply with a grand jury subpoena issued to an Appropriations Committee staffer as part of the ongoing investigation of Rep. Jerry Lewis (R-Calif.).

A grand jury in Los Angeles issued a subpoena recently for Greg Lankler, a Republican aide on the House Appropriations panel, demanding he testify and turn over documents sought by the Justice Department.

But in a notice just read out on the House floor, Lanker said that, after consultations with the House general counsel's office, which advises members and staffers on these legal issues, he would not comply with the subpoena.

Lanker also said the Justice Department "seeks records that are not material and relevant," according to the official notice read out by the Clerk of the House.

Update - Here's the official notice from the House website, although for some reason it doesn't have the Clerk's full statement. I am sure that will be corrected in tomorrow's Congressional Record:

"The House received a communication from Greg Lankler, Staff Assistant, Office of Rep. Obey. Pursuant to Rule VIII of the Rules of the House of Represenatives, Mr. Lankler notified the House that he had been served with a grand jury subpoena issued by the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and that after consultation with the Office of General Counsel, he had determined that the ad testificandum aspect of that subpoena is not consistent with the rights and privileges of the House."