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House cat survives bobcat attack outside California home

GRANADA, Calif. -- Game wardens are on the hunt for a bobcat that attacked a house cat in San Mateo County, CBS San Francisco reports.

"He had blood all over the back of his neck, and it was much worse, and a different location than anything I'd ever seen from a typical cat fight," Bill Barton said.

Veterinarians say Denise Delaney and Barton's cat - whose official name is "The Bengal" -- was attacked by a wild animal. Initially, there was speculation that it could have been a young mountain lion, especially since one was captured last week in San Mateo.

But the cat's doctor says the bite marks indicate the attacker was more than likely a bobcat.

"Anything larger than that, in the first place would have much larger holes, and Bengal would not be here, he'd have been taken," Veterinarian Laurie McKinney said.

The family took "The Bengal" in as a stray, and says he has always been a fighter. He's hurt right now, but is he gonna be okay?

"Yeah!" 9-year-old Victoria said.

The vet says they only see about four or five pets each year that survive attacks by predators.

"It's not an emotion-driven thing, it's simply how they exist in this world. Nothing personal, I'm going to eat you now," McKinney said.

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