Hotsheet Live: What happens if Romney loses Michigan?

CBS News political director John Dickerson was joined on Hotsheet Live on Friday by USA Today's Susan Page, The Washington Post's Aaron Blake, and Politico's Jake Sherman for a discussion on what happens in the presidential race if Mitt Romney loses the next primary in Michigan.

Right now, Rick Santorum leads Mitt Romney in most polls in Romney's boyhood home.

"The argument that Santorum's campaign can make if they win is that this is a legitimate contest," said Blake.

"I do think Michigan is critical for Mitt Romney," said Page. Should he lose, "you will see an effort by Republicans to get somebody else in this race."

Some names thrown around by Friday's "Hotsheet Live" roundtable included Jeb Bush, Chris Christie and Mitch Daniels.

"The argument always was on Capitol Hill was he [Romney] was the most vetted," Sherman added. "That's what is important for the Republicans because it's their priority to get reelected in the House and in the Senate."

Dickerson recently began a new "Hotsheet Live" feature where the panel provides "endorsements" to close the show. This week's include:

Susan Page: Anthony Shadid, "I never met him but I felt I knew him through his work."

Aaron Blake: "The Boogey Man," story of Lee Atwater

Politico's Jake Sherman: Anthony Shadid's work found on Pulitzer archive

And John weighed in himself: "The Making of the President: The 1960s"

Watch the full show above.