Hotsheet Live: Takeaways from Obama's press conference

(CBS News) CBS News political director John Dickerson was joined on "Hotsheet Live" on Friday by Time's Michael Crowley and CBS News White House Correspondent Bill Plante to discuss President Obama's morning press conference on the economy.

Following the press conference, several Republicans attacked Mr. Obama forsaying "the private sector is doing fine" when he addressed the country's economic situation.

Plante said that Mr. Obama spoke for two reasons, to position himself on the economy and to address the recent intelligence leaks.

"He gave them a talking point by saying that the private sector was doing fine, and I don't think he intended to do that," Plante said. In regards to the intelligence leaks, Plante said "the president is really angry at John McCain for bringing this up," and that Mr. Obama "feels genuinely insulted."

Crowley said Mr. Obama's assessment reminded him of the 2008 election, when McCain said the fundamentals of the economy were fine as the Dow Jones Industrial Average was plummeting.

"It plays into the hands of the Republican storyline that Obama is not really in touch, that he is removed, that he doesn't understand the private sector, that he doesn't understand the problems of kind of the working stiff," Crowley said.

Dickerson and Crowley went on to discuss Gov. Scott Walker's victory in the Wisconsin recall election and Bill Clinton's recent speaking missteps. Click on the video above to the left to see this week's full episode of "Hotsheet Live."