Hotcakes or art? Definitely delicious either way

(CBS News) An artist can use almost any medium to create their masterpieces. So who says the medium of choice can't also happen to be delicious? Go ahead and click play to watch batter get made into some tasty and artistic hotcake caricatures in the delicious video above.

The caught-on-tape clip is entitled "Hotcakes artísticos" and was posted by Vimeo user sergutel who writes about the tantalizing moment (Editor's note: I'm including the original Spanish text along with a loose English translation below for reference):

Rogelio de "Hot cakes artísticos" nos prepara unos ricos hot cakes del personaje "Jake el perro" de la serie animada "Hora de aventuras" y un retrato mío, en el puesto que tiene en el mercadito de Coyoacán, México D.F.
"Hot cakes artist" Rogelio prepares us some delicious pancakes in the form of "Jake the Dog" from the animated series "Adventure Time" and a picture of me, in a small market in Coyoacán, Mexico City.
Now I find myself wanting hotcake caricatures for lunch... but I don't know anywhere in the city that makes them! I suppose I'll simply have to book a vacation down to Mexico. Let's see what the prices on airfare are like right now... Oh, geez, I forgot you were still there! (Hotcakes tend to have that effect on me.) To check out more work from sergutel, be sure to visit his Vimeo page by clicking here.