Home Depot Hatchet Job: Alleged Robber Smashes Register With Store Tool, Gets Tasered in Return

Small, old rusty hatchet
Small, old rusty hatchet
Small, old rusty hatchet (iStockphoto)

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS/AP) A man who allegedly used a hatchet to smash open a cash register at a Home Depot in Wilmington, Del. was arrested, but not before he was Tasered by police.

Police say 45-year-old Andre Walker entered the home improvement store Thursday night, and acted like just any other customer bringing a bucket and a hatchet to the checkout to buy. It wasn't until he grabbed the hatchet -- and the store clerk by her shirt -- that people realized he had other plans.

Walker demanded cash and banged on the cash register with the hatchet until it opened, say police. They say he fled to the parking lot and got into a stranger's car, before then heading back to the store, where he swung the hatchet at a manager.

Police tasered the man to take him into custody. Walker is charged with robbery, possession of a deadly weapon during a felony, aggravated menacing and other crimes. He was being held in lieu of $60,750 bond.