Holly Bobo search at two month mark, called missing person case, not homicide, by Tenn. investigators

Authorities are looking for 20-year-old Holly Bobo, a west Tennessee woman who was last seen being dragged from her home by a man dressed in camouflage. Investigators believe Bobo may have been abducted in a home invasion on Wednesday. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says that her 25-year-old brother told investigators that he saw the man dragging his sister across the carport at her family home and toward a wooded area. Officials ask that if you see Holly or anything suspicious contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND.
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Holly Bobo
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(CBS/WREG) PARSONS, Tenn. - The investigation into the disappearance of 20-year-old Holly Bobo is still a missing persons case, not a homicide, authorities said, two months after the nursing student was apparently abducted from her central Tennessee home. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Agent John Mehr also ruled out the possibility that Bobo is a runaway, reports CBS affiliate WREG.

Monday, June 13 marked two months since Bobo was last seen leaving her home and talking to a man suspected of kidnapping her.

"We know people have that information. Just please call us there's no doubt in my mind. There are people who know what happened to Holly, and there may be more than one person involved," Mehr said on Wednesday, June 8, according to the station.

And if more people may be involved, then they may talk, Mehr suggested. If anyone has overhead or seen conversations take place that could lend a clue to the investigation, they need to call investigators, he said.

Bobo was last seen the morning of Wednesday, April 13, apparently being led away from her house in Parsons, about 100 miles northeast of Memphis.

Mehr said authorities still receive tips every day.

Volunteer search groups have not been called upon since the first few weeks after Bobo vanished. Two months after she was abducted from her Decatur County home, officials are still searching local areas every week.

Agents still occupy a command post at the National Guard Armory in Parsons.

Mehr said agents have spoken with everyone relevant to Holly Bobo's life, including people in her past. All alibis that people have given have been verified to be true, he said.

Lt. Brad Wilbanks, with the Tennessee Highway Patrol, calls his captain every night.

"It just so happens I've got two daughters in that age range, and he does too. It makes it very personal. You know, what did we miss, what do we need, what can we do?" Wilbanks said.

"We're still waiting on that tip. We're one tip away from finding her," Wilbanks said.

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