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Holiday Toys for Adults

Christmas isn't all about toys for kids -- it's also about toys for adults.

Tired of receiving or giving the same old tie? Well, "The Early Show" Saturday Edition highlighted some ideas that will help you break from the past.

Matt Bean, senior editor of Men's Health magazine brought a bunch of toys for adults that make great gifts on the broadcast that all cost less than $100.

PlantSense The EasyBloom Plant Sensor
• The perfect pick-up for the would be gardener or brown thumb
• To use, you just stick into soil and it will self-detect the environment so you know what kinds of plants or flowers are viable. It also diagnoses soil, has information for over 5,000 plants.
• Just pop into the ground or pot, let it do its work, and then plug it into your computer to download all the information.
• Available for $49.95 from, Amazon,, and

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Towel Spa Towel Warmer
• After all the dirty work in the garden you'll want to clean up and what better way to get out of the shower than a warm towel.
• Just plug it into a convenient location near your shower and in five minutes towels will be toasty and ready for use.
• Available for $79.95 at Brookstone.

Roku HD Player
• Now its time to relax with a movie. The Roku HD player plays Netflix movies, has built in wireless and ethernet connection so you can download movies straight from, and really is perfect for movie enthusiasts.
• The Netflix availability is really cool, gone are the days of envelopes.
• Available for $99 at

DJ Hero Renegade from Activision
• When you're ready to get off the couch and start the paper, nothing is better this holiday season than DJ Hero from Activision.
• Your goal is to match-up the scratch ups from your favorite DJS from Daft Punk to Dr. Dre.
• The game has different settings for multiple players so it's a great for a party or for families.
• You can definitely shop around for this product at really competitive prices close to 100 dollars. • Its available at all major retailers, Kmart, Walmart.

Automatic Electric Wine Opener
• There are so many different corkscrews out there, but this model is by far the best. Literally just grab a bottle of wine, we have a 10 dollar bottle of Vampire wine here, press one button, and let it work its magic. Comes with an adaptor to recharge the battery.
• This one is available at Brookstone for $39.

Iceless Wine Chiller
• When you are ready to chill the wine, Brookstone also has this really great Iceless wine chiller for $99 that takes cuts the mess and space at parties.

Weider PowerBell
• And finally, when its time to start thinking about burning off the holiday calories, Weider has a PowerBell available now that comes step-by-step instructions and a workout DVD.
Available on for $99.

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