Hillary Clinton turns 65, reflects on career

(CBS News) Secretary of State and former first lady Hillary Clinton is celebrating her 65th birthday Friday  and earlier this week, she got uncharacteristically personal, reflecting on the strides she has made throughout her career when she told the crowd at a work life summit how difficult it was to balance career and family as a young female partner at a law firm. And, while many have voiced their support for Clinton staying on if Obama wins second term or running for president herself in 2016, she has consistently said she will step out of the limelight in January 2013 to spend time with family.

Earlier this week, President Obama told late-night host Jay Leno that to his knowledge, Clinton will retire in January. "I think that despite my begging," Obama said, "I suspect that it's time for her to spend a little more time with her family."

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton, left his wife a little more flexibility when he told "CBS This Morning" in September that "she says no" to more time in the political sphere, but he implied that may change after she has had some time off. "I know how bone tired you can get, you know ... it's been a long 20 years," he said.

As the most traveled secretary of state in history, Clinton has logged over 900,000 miles and visited 110 countries."

CBS News correspondent Margaret Brennan has traveled with Secretary Clinton and Friday on "CBS This Morning," Brennan chimed in on reports that Clinton may return to politics after some time off. "Publicly, she stays non-partisan, privately she gets excited" about politics still. Brennan added that the secretary of state returned early from trips to Peru and Haiti to watch presidential debates and said "she's got the bug, but whether she wants to run herself is a question for 2016."