Hillary Clinton blasts Trump's trip to Mexico

Trump's "failed" diplomacy?
Trump's "failed" diplomacy? 02:23

Hillary Clinton strongly criticized Donald Trump’s visit to Mexico in a tweet Wednesday, blasting the GOP nominee for having “just failed his first foreign test.”

Trump’s hastily-scheduled trip to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto comes just as the latest national poll showed Clinton in a statistical tie with her Republican rival. The newest Fox News poll showed Clinton nationally at 41 percent and Trump at 39 percent of support when the Libertarian and Green party candidates are included.

Clinton’s campaign had a field day with the discrepancy between Trump, who said the two politicians didn’t discuss who would pay for his long-touted border wall proposal, and Pena Nieto, who fired back that the pair had indeed talked about it and that he had told Trump Mexico would not foot the bill.

Clinton representatives said that while Trump talked tough about making Mexico pay, he eventually chickened out when he got south of the border.

“Trump choked!” -- That was the verdict from Clinton’s campaign chairman after Trump said he and Pena Nieto didn’t discuss who would pay for the wall.

When the Mexican president contradicted Trump, the Clinton campaign amended its statement: “It turns out Trump didn’t just choke, he got beat in the room and lied about it.”

In Cincinnati, the former secretary of state argued she knows diplomats -- and Trump isn’t one of them.

“You don’t build a coalition by insulting our friends,” she told the American Legion’s annual meeting. “Dropping in on our neighbors for a few hours, and then flying home again -- that is not how it works.”

The campaign also noted that Trump’s flattery yesterday -- like when he said south of the border that “Mexicans are just beyond reproach” -- doesn’t match up with his own past pronouncements.

“I want nothing to do with Mexico,” Trump said in a past tweet.

“Don’t do business with Mexico,” he wrote in another.

And: “Mexico is totally ripping off the U.S.”

Both Clinton and Trump were invited by Pena Nieto, but only Trump jumped at the invitation -- and the opportunity to hit Clinton for not going.

“She didn’t go to Mexico,” Trump told a booing crowd in Phoenix. “She was invited - she doesn’t have the strength or the stamina to make America great again.”

The Clinton camp is firing back this morning, calling Trump’s Arizona speech “disastrous” and putting their money where their mouth is. The campaign will be investing six figures to buy ad time in that solidly red state over the coming weeks.