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Hillary Clinton says she still feels the urge to beat Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton says "nobody likes" Sanders
Hillary Clinton says "nobody likes" Bernie Sanders in new documentary 01:57

Hillary Clinton still harbors thoughts about a rematch with Donald Trump. In a new interview with Variety, the former first lady, secretary of state and two-time presidential candidate admitted that the outcome of the 2016 election still bothers her.

"I know you're not running for president, but do you ever feel the urge to think: 'I could beat Donald Trump if I were running,'" journalist Ramin Setoodeh asked Clinton.

"Yeah. I certainly feel the urge because I feel the 2016 election was a really odd time and an odd outcome," she responded. "And the more we learn, the more that seems to be the case. But I'm going to support the people who are running now and do everything I can to help elect the Democratic nominee."

Clinton did not elaborate on any plans and also did not reveal which of the other Democratic candidates she would vote for. "I'm going to vote. I'm going to leave it at that. I'll definitely vote. I vote every time there's an election," she said."

This is not the first time she has alluded to the possibility of taking on Trump again — whether jokingly, rhetorically, or otherwise. In October 2019, when President Trump tweeted that "Crooked Hillary Clinton" should enter the race, she tweeted back: "Don't tempt me. Do your job."

In a November interview with BBC Radio, Clinton said she thinks "all the time" about what it would've been like if she had beaten Trump and was president. When she was pressed on whether she would run again, Clinton replied: "I, as I say, never, never, never say never."

Clinton is currently promoting the Netflix docu-series "Hillary" about her 2016 presidential campaign, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. 

"I am telling everybody here at Sundance, everywhere I go, please, please go out and vote," she told Setoodeh. "And then, whoever the nominee is, support the nominee, whether it's someone you voted on or not in the primary process, because the most important responsibility we all have is to retire Donald Trump."

2020 Sundance Film Festival -   Cinema Cafe With Hillary Rodham Clinton And Nanette Burstein
Former First Lady and Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks onstage at Cinema Cafe during the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. / Getty Images

During the interview, Clinton also opened up about the criticism she faced as the 2016 candidate as well as the misogyny all women candidates face.

In his final question, Setoodeh asked Clinton about an inflammatory comment she made about Bernie Sanders: "Nobody likes him," she says in the documentary "Hillary."

"I feel like the context got lost, because you were talking about his time in Washington D.C. and how the press treated you versus him in 2016. Could you clarify that?" Setoodeh asks. 

"I think we did that interview about a year and a half ago," she responded. "I wasn't thinking about the election by any means. I've said I'm going to support the nominee."

"But I do think it's important to look at somebody's record and look at what they've gotten done and see whether you agree with that or not," she continued. "I think that's what every voter paying attention should do." 

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