Hilarious: Skunk sprays tour group at Gator Park

(CBS) - Just a man holding up a skunk and waving the little guy around while he talks about the spray they emit when they feel threatened... what could possibly go wrong? 

Make sure to keep watching to at least 35 seconds into the clip for the surprise you can guess is coming.

The video was shot at the Gator Park in the Everglades and posted by YouTube user "shanegarst" who writes:

"during the show a skunk sprayed the guy right next to me, I jumped out of the way pretty quick and just missed the spray."

And in case you didn't see (and you should watch again in that case), it turns out it was a very clever prank pulled by the guide - if you look again, you'll see a small bottle in his hand that hopefully has water in it and not skunk spray. Props to the skunk lecturer on a well-played practical joke!


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