Hilarious impressions of every NHL team fan (so you can laugh during the lockout)

(CBS News) Hockey fans haven't had too much to cheer about with the ongoing lockout. But that doesn't mean we here at The Feed can't find a way to make you laugh with this hilarious video showing impressions of NHL fans for every team. See if their take on your team fits the bill.

Seriously, '94 was so sweet... but getting back on track, the clever clip comes courtesy of The NOCwhom we've featured here on The Feed previously for their comedic takes on all things sports, and who write about their latest:

The NHL Lockout is still going on but the fans are going strong!
Stay strong out their hockey fans, the lockout is bound to end soon... at least, I hope. And to check out more amazing work from The NOCbe sure to click here to see our previous posts or click here to go to their YouTube page.