High-priced human hair heist caught on tape

(CBS/KPIX) Thieves who broke into Hair Divas in San Leandro, Calif., headed straight for the goods - human hair.

Surveillance tapes show the thieves grabbing armfuls of pricey hair extensions - a wide smile seems to appear on the face of one of the burglars.

"The hair extension industry is a multibillion dollar industry," said Hair Divas owner Anne Davis, who installed security cameras and a bull horn to protect her merchandise, but was robbed anyway.

"I'm fed up," Davis said. "It's frustrating to have all this video in place and suspects smiling on really pissed me off."

The high-price human hair pieces come directly from India where women often sacrifice their hair for religious reasons.

"Apparently (human hair theft) is happening all over the country, so there is a huge market for it," said Lt. Jeff Tudor, San Leandro police department.

To make matters worse some of the wigs and hairpieces stolen from Hair Divas were meant for cancer patients and women suffering from severe hair loss.