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High-five not appreciated by Pa. police officer making arrest

bobjudge via Flickr

(CBS/AP) TYRONE, Pa. - Police say a central Pennsylvania man thanked - and then tried to high-five an officer - who had flagged him down for driving without his lights. The exuberant gesture led to the man being arrested on a drunken driving charge as well.

Save your high-fives for your friends.

The Altoona Mirror reports that Gerald Decker, 27, was driving early Feb. 19 when a Tyrone, Pa. officer noticed that Decker's car didn't have its lights on and flagged him down.

Officer Adam Bonsell says Decker told him, "Thanks, buddy," and tried to high-five him. Bonsell told Decker, "That's not how it works" and gave him field sobriety tests.

Police say that's when they discovered Decker's blood-alcohol content was 2 1/2 times the legal driving limit.

The charges were recently mailed to Decker.

Bet he didn't high-five the mail carrier.

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