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Hi-Tech Key and Safe Teen Driving

Handing over the keys to the car to a teenager is sure to cause anxiety for any parent.

But a new invention by Ford Motor Company might help parents breathe just a little bit easier.

It's called "MyKey", and it enables parents to program a key to promote safe driving behavior by their teens.

Andrew Sarkisian is Ford's safety director, and one of the creators of MyKey, an invention inspired partly by the experiences of his daughter, Jennifer.

"We're so fortunate, we love our kids, we want to be safe when we hand the keys over to them. And so we created a feature that helps them remember to buckle up, turn down the volume of the radio so they can hear over traffic and watch their speed," Sarkisian told Early Show co-anchors Maggie Rodriguez and Harry Smith.

Sarkisian's daughter, Lauren, who was in the driver's seat for the demonstration was in two different rollover accidents.

"And that was the inspiration," Sarkisian said. "She walked away from both of them because she was wearing her seat belt."

According to Sarkisian, there are two regular keys that come with the car, which parents can program - the same way you would a TV.

"Say I want to turn on MyKey, and I want to make sure my son or daughter's buckled up. If they're not, the radio won't operate," he said.

MyKey can also limit the speed of the car.

"It has a maximum top speed that you can turn on to the vehicle. It's a fairly high one, but then there's also speed alerts, so you can have reminders about watching your speed, as well," Sarkisian explained.

Smith reiterated the high percentage of teens who get killed every year because of not wearing their seat belts.

Although MyKey can be un-programmed down the roadr, Sarkisian stressed that, "We want to get them in the right habits early on, and it will stick with them later in life."

MyKey is standard equipment in the brand new Taurus and will be standard on Ford's lowest-priced vehicle, the Ford Focus.

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