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Hi-Tech Eyes On Your Home When You're Away

If you're planning to be away for the holidays, or anytime, and you're worried about your home, there are several high tech ways to keep tabs on your property.

And CNET-TV Senior Editor Natali Del Conte spotlighted several, some pricey, some not, some for techies, some not, on The Early Show Friday (CNET, like, is part of the CBS Corporation).

You could use any from wherever you are.

Here are details on what she demonstrated:

WowWee Rovio Wi-Fi Enabled Robotic Webcam

Purchased: Amazon
Price: $299
Wi-Fi enabled robotic webcam
Built-in microphone
Controlled from the Web on any Web-accessible device
Can store location points so it can rome around on its own
Interactive audio and video streams from Rovio to the Web
Battery doesn't last very long, docking station can be hard to find

Motion Detector Phone

Pricing: $120
Functions as an actual phone
Can detect motion up to 20 feet away
Determines whether or not to call the police based on what is going on in the room


Black Box Recluse
Price: $450
Built in color camera with a 75-degree view
Battery operated so doesn't need to be plugged in
Can record constantly or motion triggered
Supports up to an 8 gig memory card for recording

Air Purifier with Hidden Video Recorder

Price: $500
Works as an actual air purifier
Motion triggered camera takes 1 snapshot per second
Time stamps all captured images
Also records up to 1 gig of video

iPod Entertainment Center with Hidden Video Recorder

Price: $600
Works as an actual iPod speaker system, CD player, FM radio
Records up to 8 gigs of video with an SD card
Motion censored video capture

Pricing: IP cameras typically range from $199 to
$399 depending on model, and the video monitoring service adds about
$9-12/month to your standard security system monitoring fee.
Video surveillance service integrated with your existing security system.
Also can install Webcams yourself independent of a security system.
Can watch a live stream or video clips that are recorded once motion is
detected can monitor between 1 and 8 cameras set up for indoor or outdoor
scenes such as a baby¹s room or back porch
Once cameras are set up, you can login online any time you are wondering
what is up at your house
When you log in, you also get a list of any activity that was detected and
recorded For the mobile phone, go to

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