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Here's your one-day chance to buy Google Glass

If you believe Google Glass -- Google's (GOOG) experimental wearable tech in mock eyeglass form -- is the future of technology, then tomorrow just might be your lucky day. On Tuesday, April 15, anyone can buy their very own pair of Google Glass, but just for that one day. You don't need to be in a beta program, have developer status or have a rare but coveted invite. All you need is -- and here's the rub -- a spare $1,500.

Late last week, Google acknowledged that it was expanding its Explorer program to any consumer (specifically, any adult in the U.S.) with $1,500 to spare.

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Starting at 9 a.m. ET, anyone can sign up for Glass. But while $1,500 typically buys just the Glass hardware, it now comes with either the accessory shade or a frame. Arguably, that's a good deal, especially if prescription eyewear had initially held you back from joining Google's Explorer program and trying out Glass.

Recently, Google began to offer a small variety of frames for $225 each. No matter which frame you choose, it accepts your prescription lenses and attaches semi-permanently to the Google Glass hardware.

Google Glass in surgery? Doctor testing tech says it's a "safety net" 01:56
On the other hand, don't take this move as an indication that there's new, more refined or feature-laden hardware. It's exactly the same Google Glass that has been available to Explorer program members for about a year now.

That said, the Google Glass ecosystem is considerably more refined than it was when I got a first look back in July of 2013. There's finally an iOS app for using Glass in conjunction with an iPhone, as well as a growing library of apps that work on both Android and iPhone.

The window to get Google Glass -- for now, at least -- is very narrow. You can preregister right now to be reminded to sign up, or you can just wait until tomorrow to sign up. Google warns on its blog that the number of slots is limited, so if you're interested, you should probably sign up early in the day on Tuesday.

If you miss this opportunity, you might not get another shot until Google opts to release the product to consumers for real. Whenever that might be.

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