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Hepatitis C Scare Rocks Mayo Clinic

Hepatitis - syringes for injections insulin. (iStockphoto) iStockphoto

(CBS/AP) JACKSONVILLE, Fla. -- The Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville is alerting patients after discovering a radiology technologist may have put them at risk of contracting Hepatitis C.

The Mayo Clinic has tested 2,400 patients and sent letters to 2,100 more on Monday.

The clinic says the former employee admitted stealing an injectable painkiller for personal use. His strain of Hepatitis C was similar to one that infected three patients.

The employee's name has not been released. He was fired in August.

Dr. William C. Rupp, CEO of the Mayo Clinic in Florida, says they want to ensure every patient at risk is tested, and expressed confidence the majority of affected patients have been identified.

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