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3 helpful things seniors should buy in 2023

A home security system could be beneficial for seniors. Getty Images

With 2023 underway, many people may consider the turn of the calendar a good time to revisit their finances and overall lifestyle. There may be ways to save money, improve credit or even pay off the debt incurred during the 2022 holiday season.

There are also products and services available for purchase that can help improve one's way of living without having to break the bank. For seniors, many of whom may have limited income and a tight budget, the cost-benefit analysis for extra spending needs to be carefully completed. 

With that being said, there are some helpful items that seniors can easily purchase online. These items can offer medical assistance, security and financial stability, often at a reasonable cost.

3 helpful items seniors should consider buying

Medical alerts

As you age your ability to quickly deal with medical emergencies may diminish. For seniors who live alone, or for those who value their independence, a medical alert system can provide a good balance between autonomy and assistance.

A medical alert system installed in your home can help notify emergency services whenever you may need them - day or night, weekend or holiday. There is a wide range of types and services available so you can tailor the coverage to what works best for you (and eliminate any unnecessary equipment or surcharges). The monthly price tag (not including equipment and upfront installation costs) usually falls in the $20-$40 range.

With a select promo code, you could be eligible for up to $100 in savings on a medical alerts system now. Start by getting a fast and easy free quote online here

Home security systems

Home security systems are beneficial for homeowners and renters of all ages. But for seniors who may have limited ability to monitor their home, they're particularly advantageous.

Home security systems secure your home around the clock - whether you're inside or out for the day. But they're not just for security. They are also commonly used to track packages, mail, and deliveries. They can also help the owner view who is visiting their home without having to get up to answer the doorbell. 

Similar to medical alert systems, those interested will pay for the equipment and installation to start. And then a minimal charge will apply each month. In exchange, you'll have professional security and monitoring services as needed.

It takes less than one minute to see what a home security system costs.

Life insurance

There's a popular belief that life insurance for seniors simply isn't worth it when comparing the cost of a policy to the coverage that can be secured. But, depending on your age, health and financial goals, a life insurance policy can be both valuable and relatively inexpensive. 

For a 64-year-old male living in New York, Haven Life will provide a 10-year term life insurance policy in the amount of $150,000 for $98.74 per month. This is a quote for a non-smoking male considered to be in good health. A female with identical characteristics would pay even less.

That policy could then be used as an inheritance for loved ones, to cover end-of-life expenses, or even as an alternative cash source while alive

Do the math. Understand what you want to accomplish. Then get a free online price estimate to see if life insurance is right for you.

The bottom line

Everyone's lifestyle and financial goals are different. But for seniors looking for medical support, home security and a financial safety net, these three items may be worth looking exploring.

Learn more about medical alert systems here. Or get started with a home security system or life insurance policy today.

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