"Hello Kitty" in space is adorable and educational

(CBS News) When I was a student, I had some pretty lofty and wild ideas when it came to class science experiments. And then time would pass, the project would be due soon and I'd usually end up with a papier-mache volcano or slideshow on photosynthesis. Total yawn, I know. Luckily, one young girl is a lot more dedicated to seeing her projects through than your blogger here. So on that note, watch a "Hello Kitty" doll head into space in the video above. For science!

That is one seriously impressive middle school science project, right? The adorable and educational video was posted by YouTube user Melody Green who writes about her experiment:

Cornerstone Christian school 7th grade science project.
The effects of Altitude on air pressure and temperature.
Cameras: GoPro Hero2 video footage.
Edited By: Eddie Lacayo
Flight gear: High Altitude Science.
Flight computer / Data acquisition: High Altitude Science.
Tree Climber: Woodpecker Arborist.
A big triple-rainbow salute of scientific excellence goes out to Melody Green for coming up with such a lofty and wild project of her own and seeing it all the way through!