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Health Care, Enviro Groups Embrace Waxman

Democrats may still be wringing their hands over ousting John Dingell from his long-held chairmanship and handing the gavel to Henry Waxman, but some of the more liberal special interest groups are already cheering.

The Natural Resources Defense Council issued this statement from legislative director Karen Wayland:

"Chairman Waxman has been a leader on global warming for many years, and we look forward to working closely with him in this new role. Our nation faces many challenges, including the climate crisis, and Congressman Waxman understands that we can’t delay in taking on these issues."

And Health Care for America Now says they're on the Waxman bandwagon too:

"Health Care for America Now is looking forward to working with Congressman Waxman who was the first member of the House to support our principles for comprehensive health care reform. We are encouraged by the momentum building around the issue of health care and look forward to being the grassroots army helping the new Administration and our allies in Congress make quality, affordable health care for all a reality in 2009."

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