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Health Bill Will Likely Be Signed Tuesday


President Obama will likely sign the health care reform bill that passed the House last night in the "late morning" tomorrow, according to White House press secretary Robert Gibbs.

Weather permitting, Gibbs said, the signing will be on the South Lawn outside the White House. He said President Obama will likely make remarks as he signed the bill.

The House passed the Senate version of the health care legislation last night, along with a separate reconciliation bill making changes to the legislation. The reconciliation package, which strips out some of the special deals included in the Senate bill, now goes to the Senate.

If and when the Senate approves the reconciliation package, it goes to the president, who vows to sign it. But until the president signs that second bill, the Senate bill -- which many House lawmakers would not have voted for without the reconciliation package -- will be the law of the land.

On his Twitter feed Monday, Gibbs announced that Mr. Obama would travel to Iowa City, Iowa on Thursday -- which Gibbs billed as "the city where the grassroots campaign for health insurance reform started in May 2007."

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