Hawaiian Still Having Major On-Time Problems

Last Updated Mar 16, 2009 11:00 AM EDT

The Air Travel Consumer Report for January travel is out, and once again Hawaiian leads the pack with 90.8 percent of flights arriving on-time. But wait, it's only that good because the interisland operation runs well. If you look at the mainland operation, on-time percentage tanks to around 50 percent. What is going on here?

I first wrote about this when I saw the report for November travel. But things just have not gotten any better. Here's a good post discussing Hawaiian's on-time problems in detail. But we still don't have a reason why this is happening.

I've sent a request for information from Hawaiian itself, but I have yet to hear back. Clearly the airline's 767 operation is having serious difficulties in keeping on schedule. The fact that this has continued for several months causes me concerns about their ability to fix the problem as well.