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Hate the Ribbon in Microsoft Word 2010? Here's How to Customize It

Many people are still angry at Microsoft for eliminating the traditional menus in Word 2007, but I think that objectively, the ribbon is superior. It doesn't take long to find your away around, and you can effortlessly search for commands.

Here's another reason to like the ribbon: Starting with Word 2010, you can create our own custom ribbon tabs and populate them with any collection of commands you like. In other words, you can put your most common commands in a single tab and rarely have to click around to find stuff.

The How-To Geek has a detailed rundown on how to do this, but it's really just four simple steps. To make your own ribbon tab, do this:

  1. Click File and then click Options.
  2. Click the Customize Ribbon tab.
  3. On the bottom right of the dialog, click New Tab.
  4. Now you use the Customize dialog to find commands on the left and, by clicking Add, move them to the new group in your custom tab on the right. You can add commands from anywhere in Word to this tab.