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Hasan Reckless and Lazy, Boss Wrote in '07

Nidal Hasan's supervisor at Walter Reed Army Medical Center warned that Hasan was unprofessional, lazy and was "counseled for inappropriately discussing religious topics with his assigned patients," according to a memo obtained by National Public Radio.

Written by Dr. Scott Moran, the chief of psychiatric residents at Walter Reed, the 2007 memo is the first work performance evaluation that has surfaced from the file of the man who is accused of killing 13 people in a shooting spree at Fort Hood on Nov. 5.

Officials at Walter Reed sent the memo to Fort Hood this year when Hasan was transferred there, according to NPR.

The letter expresses "serious concerns" about Hasan's "poor judgment" and "lack of professionalism."

It goes on to rebuke Hasan for his poor attendance record, tardiness and questionable work ethic. According to the letter, Hasan only saw 30 patients in 38 weeks. Special Report: Tragedy at Fort Hood

The memo is even critical of Hasan's failing a weight test. He "was found to be out of standards with body fat % and was counseled on that," the letter reads.

Despite the litany of issues raised, Dr. Moran writes that Hasan is "able to self-correct with supervision" and does not recommend academic probation.

Meanwhile, Sens. Joe Lieberman, I-Conn., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, announced Wednesday an investigation by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee into the Fort Hood shooting.

"We appreciate that the Army and the Justice Department are conducting a criminal investigation of this shooting," said Lieberman. "But that does not mean that the rest of us, including the Senate Committee on Homeland Security, can just sit back and watch."

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