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Has HRC Accepted? Ask Her Flack!

Ask Hillary Rodham Clinton's senior advisor and mouthpiece, Philippe Reines  for confirmation that the senator has accepted the Secretary of State position, and here's the response you'll get:

"Article 17 of the Third Geneva Convention ("relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War") provides that POWs are obliged to give only their name, rank, serial number, and date of birth.

Reines then goes on to list all four:

Philippe Reines

Senior Advisor/Press Secretary

(He did include his SSN but here at Politico we believe in good credit.)

11/25/69 (Send the guy a birthday present next week!)

...So, is that a yes?

UPDATE: Asked if he would join Clinton at State (if reports prove to be true) one Democratic wag opined "Yes...Philippe Reines, International Man of Mystery."


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