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Harry's Princely Status Obstacle With Ex?

Prince Harry is already a very wealthy young man but, on his 25th birthday Tuesday, he's getting a whole lot richer, reports CBS News Correspondent Sheila MacVicar.

Harry is inheriting the equivalent of more than $10 million -- half the fortune of his mother, Princess Diana, which was split between Harry and his brother, Prince William.

It's been invested for them since their mother's death in 1997 but, just like everyone with investments, Harry's may have taken a hit from the global economic downturn. It's not known whether his portfolio suffered, MacVicar says.

Diana came from a wealthy, land-owning family. Her personal fortune was made up of stocks, jewelry, the assets she received in her divorce settlement from Prince Charles, her fabulous collection of dresses, and antique furniture she had at Kensington Palace.

One birthday wish Harry might have is a date with longtime, but now -ex-girlfriend Chelcy Davy.

On Saturday night, they were pictured leaving the same nightclub just 10 minutes apart, and the British tabloids have been breathlessly reporting a reunion.

Davy, also from a wealthy family, is starting work in London as a lawyer. She's described as serious-minded and committed to her career.

The obstacle in their relationship? Perhaps -- his royal connections!

"I would go so far as to say she loves Harry a lot," suggests entertainment reporter Neil Sean, "but I think, if they could transport themselves out of this situation into a normal life where she could become a fulltime lawyer, things would be completely different."

Harry, in turn, is committed to his military career, MacVicar points out, and a return to the frontlines is not inconceivable. He previously served 10 weeks in Afghanistan as a forward air controller, until the news blackout on his presence there broke down.

As for the birthday boy's plans Tuesday: Just like many of us, he was to go to work, as Lt. Wales, McVicar notes. He was to spend the day flying helicopters, weather-permitting, as part of his training to become an army air corps pilot.