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Harry Reid, Rand Paul share a moment on the Senate floor

The United States Senate is no place for frivolity!

But occasionally, stuff like this happens:

On Wednesday, after the Senate passed a bill to combat human trafficking on a 99-0 vote, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, swaggered up Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada in the well of the chamber. The freshman Republican slipped on his Ray Ban sunglasses, donned a cheeky grin, and offered a fist bump to the Democratic leader.

Reid, wearing sunglasses of his own due to an eye injury he sustained last December, looked up at Paul and casually accepted the fist bump.

The business of the world's greatest deliberative body then continued.

Despite the political divide between them, Reid and Paul have forged a fairly warm relationship in recent years. The Democratic leader has praised Paul's approach to policymaking, notably commending his 2013 filibuster over U.S. drone policy and his bill last year to restore voting rights to former inmates convicted of non-violent offenses.

Earlier this year, Reid thanked Paul, an ophthalmologist, for attending to his recovery from his eye injury.

Paul "has been so kind and thoughtful and considerate in visiting with me, giving me encouragement and some expert advice as to what he's seen in the past and giving me hope for better sight out of my right eye," Reid said during a floor speech. "I want the people of Kentucky to know how thoughtful, considerate and kind you've been to me over these months."