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Harry One-On-One With Big Globes Winners

The Golden Globes Awards celebrate television, movies, and lifetime achievements in both.

Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith was there, and caught up with several of the big winners backstage.

"Slumdog Millionaires" is no underdog. It became the clear front-runner favorite for Oscars when it got four Globes, including Best Motion Picture Drama.

Before Sunday night, Kate Winslet had been nominated for five Globes, but won none.

All that changed Sunday though, when she walked into the ceremony with two nominations and walked out a double winner.

"I was the kid at school who came last in every race, on sports day, and who was last to be picked was school dance," Winslet admitted to Smith.

"And I was always last. And I'm not anymore, am I?" she asked with a smile.

"I couldn't believe that I won one," Winslet says. "And actually, throughout the rest of the ceremony, after I won the award for "The Reader," somebody spilt almost a half bottle of water all down my dress, and I said, 'Don't worry. It's OK. I don't have to get up again tonight.' ... I cannot believe it. ... It's spectacular. It is just spectacular!"

Spectacular, says Smith, may be an understatement.

First, Winslet won Best Supporting Actress for her chilling portrayal of a former Holocaust guard with a secret in "The Reader." She followed that with the Best Leading Actress award for playing a frustrated '50s housewife in "Revolutionary Road."

"The fact that I got to do that and play both of these women in my lifetime as an actress is incredible," she remarked to Smith, "but I got to do it in less than a year. And I think I'm going to take some time off now (she laughed. Both of these women made me insane. You can't imagine how insane I was "

ET co-host Mary Hart, who covered the awards with Smith, saw Winslet getting out of her limo. "I could tell," Hart says, " having been nominated five times, and she'd said, 'I've never won. I'll probably never win.' I could tell tell how much it meant to her to take home at least one of those -- and she ended up with both!"

Mickey Rourke played a washed-up fighter looking for a comeback in "The Wrestler." Winning a Golden Globe as Best Actor in a Dramatic Film marked a comeback for Rourke himself and provided one of the night's most emotional moments.

He told reporters, "It's a profession where, if you work hard enough and many years go by, you can get a second chance."

The once rising start told Smith, "There came a time when I had to look in the mirror and go, 'The only one who's at fault at this is you.' I had to make severe changes and I thought that would happen in a year or two or three and it took over a decade."

In the television area, Tina Fey added another two statues to her already tall pile as star and producer of the best comedy,"30 Rock."

"I was a little nervous tonight," she laughed. "There's an honest answer!" she said to Smith.

It's been quite a ride, between the success of "30 Rock" and Fey's Sarah Palin character during the campaign.

"It's pretty hard for me to get my head around what this year was," Fey remarked to Smith, "not even this full, but this year from September to now was very strange, but good. And I feel like I keep waiting for everything to slow down and the carney to come by and lift the bar and say, 'Rides over lady. Get off! " '

Mega-director, producer, writer and studio head Steven Spielberg got emotional when accepting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for career achievement.

Later, he told Smith, "It was an emotion about perspective. Standing up there and seeing dozens of people that I've grown up with, and other dozens of people that I've kind of helped get a career going ... think I felt my years for the first time, I kinda had a little wistfulness about how long I've been in this business."

"There was enormous amount of affection in that room aimed at you," Smith noted.

"Oh, I love all of them too," Spielberg responded. ... "I've been so lucky and so fortunate to have learned from the best and work with the best. It's just been and amazing kind of 38 years in movies, really."